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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The very last activity that had to do with volleyball was a few Tuesdays ago and Noah's last football activity was last Tuesday.  AND NOW WE'RE DONE.  In a way, I'm already loving the extra time.  But missing the social time and the chance to do one of my favorite things doesn't make up for it:(  This will be my a last game picture round-up, for both Noah and I.  And then I promise you that you won't have to hear about volleyball or football for a long time afterward!

Some volleyball pictures of our last game....

I still love my adorable poster, courtesy of Laurel. 

Two best buds:)

I really like this picture, though it doesn't convey nearly as much of the power I feel when I hit the ball.  It never looks as impressive as it feels!


My whole INCREDIBLE team.  Love you guys!

We all chipped in to get our coaches a gift card to Olive Garden and special flowers.  They definitely earned it.

End of the season talk.  IT'S REALLY OVER!?
I could go on and on about all the lessons I've learned, all of the friendships I've secreted, all of the joys and triumphs and pain.  I want it to keep going on and on.  I love volleyball, and I don't think I'll ever enjoy a sport nearly as much as this one.  One team, one ball, one sport, hundreds of lessons learned.  Thanks for a great season, guys.  I can't wait for next year!

And let's not forget our beautiful seniors!

Now of course these won't be NEARLY as interesting as mine..... :) :)  These are all pictures from over the season, not just the last game.  Which they won by, the way.  By two points!! 

My VERY strong, VERY tough, VERY- you get it.
(I wasn't allowed to call him anything other then these words)

By the end of this game against Veritas Mary Frances and I wanted to do something violent to this kid.  He was their fastest and best player, and he kept nimbly going right through our boys and scoring points.  We were more then happy when we BEAT them even with him running them touch-downs!  Take that, number 3! 


Go knock em dead, Noah!

And to wrap it all up this beautiful sunset I caught a picture of at the Veritas game.  Isn't it stunning? 
Love until next time,

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  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVED reading this post! Hearing you describe volleyball ... *sniff* Those are great photos, especially of after the game. You'll treasure those! And wow, your football pics are great! The first one of Noah is my favorite (and the caption makes it:) What a fun round up ... all the memories are flooding back! It's been a great sports year for Chief!

    1. Awww, thanks girl!! This year really has been incredible, hasn't it?? I know, I was so thankful my mom was willing to take pictures of my last game.
      Ha ha, yessss which is so funny because truth be told those weren't the words I always used to describe him!! You would know!!

  2. I second Mary Frances's motion!!! This post was SO MUCH' FUN! The football pictures are so... (don't tell Noah!) CUTE! Gosh, those guys look so little in these pictures. And I'm impressed, your pictures are really good! You have a fun writing style and great pictures to go with it! Can I give a quadruple thumbs up? (Oh wait, I only have two thumbs... well, if I sprouted two more, I would definitely "up" them, too. ) Anyways, you know what I mean... loved this post! (Although don't I say this every time? Sigh. Okay, I really, really loved this post? Enough with the rambling, GOOD JOB, CHLOE!

    1. Thanks girl! YES SOMEONE WHO AGREES WITH ME. He's just so little and then add football pads.... :) :)
      Awww, Hannah you just made my day! As your comments always do! I mean YOU always make my day soooooooo the fact that you are remembering to comment means a lot.


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