Writing Ramblings pt. 1; Five tips on writing!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Well, I have yet to post very much about writing, so this post is going to be just that!  Ramblings about writing!
Pinterest has been very inspiring for me, in SOO many areas.  Here was where I found my love of baking, (my family will be forever grateful!), inpiration to try projects I wouldn't normally know how to do, and the drive to write more, excercise more, and PIN MORE THINGS!  :) :)  It's very addictive.
But all that to say, (yes, believe it or not, I DO have a point with all this) it's motivated me to write.
Here are some super inspiring writing quotes that I absolutely love.  And trust me, these are only a few of the hundreds!

This one might just be a close favorite, and a super good reminder. ^  Many times I find myself writing because I want others to say "Oh you're such a good writer", or "I loved that chapter!  Write more!"  Then I feel pressured into writing things just so others can read them.
So my first tip:  Write for yourself.
Only do it if you love it.  I have been writing since I was, oh, say- seven or eight.  I was reading as soon as I could pick up a book, and making up stories soon afterwards!  I had bazillions of make believe friends, and I still remember some of them:)  This was all before Noah could walk, so I was kinda on my own "play mate" wise.  I remember one time when I was little, and my parents were sitting at the table surrounded by bills.  No playing with them tonight.  So I made up my own friends!  There was a cute little TV show I always watched about children and trains and such.  I don't even remember their names.  But that dark night in our living room, they seemed as real to me as anything!  I had a small card that the library had given me, two make believe little friends with whom to have a journey with, and an endless imagination.

But that's another thing: Imagine!  Create!  Be different!  Make up exotic names, crazy characters who eat peanut butter out of the jar and collect blue pencils, fantasy worlds teeming with bomba rabbits or huffepufelants!  It's your story, and it doesn't have to be perfect.  It took me a long time to realize that.
Number three, keep a notebook.  Or three.  Or twenty!  Please don't ask how many I have, it's much too big of a collection!  Might even take me days to count them all!   I have some notebooks for specific things, like random story ideas, or a certain novel I'm working on, or for poems I like.  I have others full of doodles and non-readable scribblings.  And I have a few, though that pile is small, of fresh notebooks that have hundreds of fresh pages!  Those are the best of all...
Four, hmm.  Four is a good number, don't ya think?  I've always liked it.  Though some how, the even numbers were always my favorite:-).  See that?  I was writing.  Just plain writing, no matter how nonsensical it was!  That's number four: WRITE ALL THE TIME!  Now I need to do a better job of practicing what I preach...And blogging doesn't count.  Sure, blogging is good and all.  But really writing, with stories and plots and zany characters is what I mean!   Sometimes it's rather intimidating to sit down to a blank piece of paper.  I know.  But that's where writing exercises come in.
Number five: Do writing exercises!  You can find them all over.  The internet, in writing books, google, or ones you've made up!  Here's a list of great books that have plenty of writing exercises and lots of good writing tips:

  • Spilling Ink by Ellen Potter
  • Writing Magic by Gail C. Levine
  • Rip the Page by Karen Benke
And always always always write because you want to:)  That's the best advice.  Don't do it because you feel like you must (unless it's school work.  Then you must!).  Write because you enjoy it.
Now stop looking at this computer screen!  What are you doing still sitting here!?  Good night, your prince needs rescuing from the evil princess!  And no, I did not mix those two up accidentally.  I think it sounds like a brilliant idea for the princess to be evil!   Wonder where I got that idea?  PINTEREST!!

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