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Monday, March 25, 2013

Yes, yes, I know we don't have any pets.  But this is the second best way of having the same experience, except not owning them.
I house sit!  At the end of our street lives some friends of ours, who have two adorable girls that I babysit and lots of pets.  Fish, a cat, bunny, and a hedgehog.  Yep:)  He's super cute, and prickly to boot.
So I've decided to chronicle my house sitting experience, and show you what I do every day while they're gone on vacation!

First I go to Ruby, the softest and sweetest little little bunny ever:-) 

A cup of food.....

Then on through the garage and into where Murry is waiting.....

Hello there, pal!

A food refill

And of course, petting him.  You should've heard him purr:)
Up the stairs to see Puffles!

Unfortunately, this is the best picture I get of the little sweetie.  He wouldn't uncurl for me!

A few pieces of hedge hog food...YES they actually make such a thing!!!
And then to let Ruby out to play!  She needed a chance to get out and run:-)
Isn't she so little?!
Don't lets forget their newspapers and boxes!  Those need to be brought in soon...
So there you have it.  Getting to walk down and play with the animals, while borrowing movies (shh, don't tell!) and watering their beautiful flowers; I love it!  I guess you could say this is a sequel to "A day in the life of Chloe". :)


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  1. Loved reading that!!! So cute pets!

  2. I finally found your new URL! This was a fun post and with those pictures, I felt like I was there! And being the good friend I am, I won't tell them about the DVDs:)

    1. OHH!!! I just realized that when you change the URL.... It moves them to a different spot... So how do I let people know it's different now?!?!?

    2. I created a whole new blog and linked the old blog to the new one. Or you could just send out an email to everyone ...


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