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Monday, March 11, 2013

The stage is set: Our heroine, buried under blankets and her face barely peeking out from the quilt, is in bed still at 8:00.  Why is this? you may ask.  Read more, and you will soon see.....

{Monday, 8:02 a.m.}
I rolled over on my side, sleepily groaning and began to snuggle back under the blankets.  Then my gaze landed on the alarm clock across the room.  8:03.  For a minute the unheard of thought crossed my mind.  Get up now?....
Aah.  Five more minutes.

What had turned into five minutes became an hour, until I finally managed to drag myself out of bed.  Running my hands through my hair I pulled on a shirt for a day, and decided I'd try something new: Go without socks!  here's a thought....My sweat pants stayed on, my hair went up in a pony tale, and I was ready for the day.  Or, as ready as I'd ever be.

Breakfast was eaten (eggs and bacon, oh joy), and I should REALLY start on school.  Grabbing my many school books I plopped down at my special table in the sun room, trying to keep my toes off of the cold floor.  Shoot, now I was regretting not having socks!  Hm....

Well, ten minutes later I hadn't found any socks and I desperately needed to start on school.  So, with a sigh, I picked up a book and began. 

Lunch?  HALLELUJAH!  Definitely my favorite time of day.  A break in the drudgery of school, and plus, any time we get to eat is a good day! :)  But what to eat?  Looking through our fridge my shoulders slumped.  Well- maybe I'll go without.

The sounds of piano fill the house as I pound away at the keys.  I love piano, especially when I'm playing a piece I love and know well!  Mrs. Dewolf is just awesome-all around awesome, of course, but she is such a good piano teacher to boot!  Since it's her I always play my songs for I need them to be good-she's taking the time to teach me and I want to honor that.  So, forty-five minutes later.....

Sometime in the afternoon...
AAARRGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Somehow this day has taken a dramatic curve DoWn.  Firstly, Worldview is on Wednesday, and there's still a huge chunk of the assignment to finish.  Secondly, my blog isn't cooperating.  AT ALL!  I find so many amazing tutorials and they all tend to fail.  "edit the HTML".  Hah!  "type in this code and edit the following pages of it".  I laugh in your face, tutorial!  You expect me to do this??  Plus there's chores and my siblings are being-well, less then lovable.

Curled up in a cozy blue chair, reading a book.  Yup, that's me.  Why am I not eating supper, you ask?  Welll....Long story, that.  Pretty much, my parents aren't home yet!  The text message from my mom in response to my question about starting dinner reads: "we already made plans for supper, will be home shortly".  Ooooohhh!!!  I'm willing to wait!

They're closed on mondays!!!  How could we forget that!?  *sigh* The amazing Chinese restaurant we had all piled in the car to go to is closed.  So, option number two. Who feels like Japanese?

At the restaurant:
"Please take your shoes off before you sit down." Is what our waitress tells us.  Oh.  really?  Are you- okay.  At Green Tea, we got the special table that has benches around it squished all the way in the back.  It was the only one that would fit us all.  The rest of the night was spent messing with chopsticks (hi-yah!) and eating chicken and rice and veggies.  mmmm....... Oh and the dragon roll, but I didn't eat much of it before my face turned as green as the roll itself:)


8:00 precisely
American Pickers is on!  A monday night favorite, every week at eight a new episode comes out.  The gist of it is, two guys go out to old places and "pick".  They find things they want to fix up and sell, and buy them from the people they meet.  It may sound boring, but we all love it.

*peaceful sigh*.  Well, I've showered, eaten some chocolate (don't ask how much) and been on Pinterest one last time for the day.  As my eyes slide shut I wonder absent-mindely if I remembered to brush my teeth.  Then I'm out, and my day ends, just as quietly as it started.

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  1. That was fun to read! I wake up around 630-730...your life is AWESOME! LOL,mine is FARRR crazy

    1. Well, this is just a general Monday. Other days are normally a lot crazier:-)

    2. Yea....i could list a bazillion things we have every day of the week. which i may post on my blog...mondays are the only days we dont have anything well and thursdays..unless my mom has a haircut etc.LOL I GET MY BRACES OFF ON THURSDAY...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 more days!!!!!!!! WHOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  2. Whoa, this is so fun to read!!! I feel like I'm actually there with you when I read this! Love how you're so loveably human.:)

    1. Thank you dear! Your comment made me smile:)

  3. I have heard of something like american pickers...though I may be thinking of storage wars. Which can be crazy. have you seen the bible tv show thing on Sundays? It is pretty graphic and could be rated as a movie R. I actually think they made it a movie! I watched it for a couple min and it grossed me out..

  4. Sorry this has taken me so long ... Loved this post! Made me smile! Very engaging! Thumbs up!

    1. Why thank you! I had a blast writing it:-) And Mondays are usually the least crazy for us, so that's why there wasn't much "people interaction" in my day.

  5. :) *smile* this was so funny to read!

    1. Thanks, B! I haven't seen you on my blog in awhile!! The hard part about writing it was trying to remember what I had done that last Monday! Because I basing my day off of the week before I wrote it:)


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