10 Craazy things I wasn't expecting on our trip to Mexico

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Please excuse the long title, but I think you'll forgive me when you can't stop laughing at our somewhat bizarre experiences on our missions trip to Mexico!!

  1. Paying to use the bathroom.  Um, YES, we actually had to do that!  My aunt always kept some pesos (Mexican money) on hand, because not only did we have to pay for that, but we also had to pay to get toilet paper.  Crazy?  I think yes!  Plus the toilets didn't have seats, so I got good at squatting.  Or I didn't get good, I just got used to making it quick!
  2. Using water bottles to brush our teeth.  This was hard.  You wouldn't think so, but it was!  Since we weren't allowed to drink the water that came out of the faucets (it was contaminated and could've made us sick) we had to use water bottles and filtered watter.  Which in case you didn't know, DOES NOT taste the same as our amazingly fresh water here in the U.S.  Be thankful!  Seriously!
  3. The one creepy experience where a little boy tried to kiss me.  No, as you can guess, I was most definitely not expecting this!  He was really cute, and about four.  Here's how it happened: me and my cousin were playing this so called "game" with his little friend.  One of them would grab me by the hand and take me around the building, while the other would have my cousin.  We would run around and around, trying not to see each other but laughing as hard as we could.  It was SO cute, until we sat down to rest, and the little boy crawled up on my lap and tried to kiss me!!!!  mmm hmmm, yes, that was creepy.  And also sad, because it made me wonder what his previous life had been like, and what he'd been exposed to.
  4. Being called "ugly"!  Or, as the boy said it, "ungly".  You can't help but smile, when you say it aloud.  Go ahead.  As you can see, I didn't take it much to heart, because we were exchanging mock insults to each other while playing volleyball!  They had a net set up at one of the orphanages, so we were playing.  I was on one team, and this boy was playing with Noah on the other.  Well, Noah was showing off and being silly, and started to call me ridiculous names.  The boy quickly caught on.  Sorta.  The only word he could seem to say was ugly.  But he added an n to the middle, so he was saying "ungly"!  Obviously he knew it was an insult, but probably had not idea what it meant!!!!  It was funny in a way, and I teased him too, though he didn't understand any of it.
  5. Seeing pyramids.  In Mexico!!!! 

       6. Getting beat countless times at tic-tac-toe by a little two year old!  She was extremely good at it, and was notorioous for beating most of the members of my family:)
      7. Having people perform for us when we were stopped at stop lights.   There was one guy, who balanced a heavy looking box with just his hands, and even, I think, with his head!  My dad rememebers seeing a guy who had a piece of cloth covered with glass and nails, which he laid down on the road and proceded to roll over it, without his shirt on!  I'm glad I didn't see it.
       8. Being able to buy dried crickets.  TO EAT!  I can see y'all cringing.
       9.  Having to run for our lives across a busy street, for fear we would get run over.   It was honestly kind of creepy, particularly at night.  There was this one SUPER busy road that we had to cross everytime we wanted to get to our cousin's house (we were staying in separate houses).  The drivers had no regard for people crossing it, and we had to be extremely careful.
     10.  Seeing the actual meat on a spit at the restaurants we went to!  Right as you walked in to the restuarant, there was a huge piece of meat that they were carving off of and roasting.  You would NEVER see that in the states!
Well, I hope I've amused you with my account of Mexico.  Don't get me wrong, there was sooooo many awesome parts and blessings.  But these were just a few of the funny things that I was seriously not expecting!

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  1. That is indeed CRAZY! Thanks for sharing some amazing weird or strange things! It was fun to read but some were gross. Like the crickets and the guy who rolled over nails! Yuck! Who would want to do that to yourself?

    1. They were very desperate, and needed the money that people would give them for performing. There was little boy selling gum, and my mom bought some. It was so sad:(

  2. Such great (or not so great-but still memorable?) memories!

  3. This is so cool! The weirdest experiences are usually the most memorable!:) I wouldn't eat crickets now....but I ate a chocolate covered spider when I was little.:) Gross, I know. My Grandma payed me a dollar.:)

    1. It's true! good for you, see, you're brave. I'm not, at least not in this area. It was so funny because my dad actually liked them!!! I took a picture, grimaced, and moved on to the cool jewelry. :) :) My mom couldn't even look at them.

  4. Haha! I have never eaten a bug and probably never will! GROSS! Aww, thats sweet that Mrs Salts bought gum. And also kinda sad at the same time!

  5. Chocolate covered spider . . . that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase! Love hearing about your trip!

    1. It reminds me how close I was to pure and utter torture, ie eating bugs!! I didn't, if y'all are wondering!

    2. I would say. That would be the most effective torture for me! I would tell a lot probably before I would eat a spider!! :0


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